Salento, my sea

There is only one place in the world that I feel I can call home and this is Salento.

No, it is not a city, a house, a defined place… it is the Sea, a bunch of beaches, located in this wonderful zone in the very South of Italy, that is called Salento.

Yes, I use to wonder, to travel a lot and change home from time to time.

I actually am not that crazy and I rather use to move where the job is, where I receive a good proposal and stick with that until the contract comes to its end.

It’s easy when you have nothing to lose, when you don’t have your real proper house.

I was born in Rome but I don’t belong to that city nor others in Europe where I had the chance to live.

If only I could live in the sea, well, I would live there.

If only there was a job for me there I would accept it straight away but it is not the case so don’t ask me why I change.

Only fools can stick with something they hate, do everyday the same thing and expect a different result.

I know that there is no job there, that makes me feel lighter when I travel and discover the world.

At the end, at least once per year, I always come back there but I don’t exclude any possibility.

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  1. Flavia, it looks lovely. I have two dear Italian friends who live on the Cote d’Azur, both from Puglia, who are always encouraging us to visit. I can see why!

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