Oslo – The Barcode District

The Barcode District is part of a requalification project that the city of Oslo has decided to apply on this ex industrial part of the city.

It is located very close to the main railway station.

Despite of what happens in other cities, this zone is completely safe, clean and new.

It occupies part of the former district of Bjørvika and now it is the most modern part of the city, with high light skyscrapers.

The Opera House perfectly fits in this contest, just like this Italian architect’s structure, coming up from the sea!

I know there have been and still continue several debates on the costs, style and another dozen factors concerning the Barcode district.

I could not take a part in this debate because I have not followed it since the beginning.

I only know that the biggest part of the works has been finished in 2016 but behind the Opera House they are still building something.

If I can say something, as an Italian and as a tourist is that I have just loved this part of the city!

These straight and pure lines, the light that reflects everywhere, the shapes and the shadows… it was like entering a future dimension!

I wish to visit more districts like this all over the world and in my humble opinion it has been a really good job!

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  1. Thank you for the lovely pics! I really enjoy that part of Oslo…it is calming and beautiful in my eyes. And I am exited about what is going to be build in addition to what is already there.

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