0 thoughts on “Roscio is sleeping (bis)!

          1. Yes, actually I have a cat, Fifi. He is one beautiful and lazy animal :-)), also crazy, it bites and meows without reason sometimes but I got used to him.
            Without him is not home anymore… when I came back to work after a long day he is there to purr and make everything look better.

          2. I definitely understand. PINA, my last cat did the same and I miss her so much. She brought joy and crazyness into my life and I miss her so much

    1. Thank you Jennifer☺️ actually he is not mine but he lives with a friend of mine who always sends me photos of him and his lazy moments of peacefulness and wonderfulness, as you said! πŸ˜‚ I love cats but I am really fond of this one😍

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