Windows of Athens

This is a small collection of windows, mainly taken in the city center.

The one below was from the Psiri district and it is one of my favorite because of its architecture and state.

It is maybe the perfect image of what politicians have made to this wonderful country.

Luckily it is not like this in every street but there’s been too much pain, that you can steel feel it in the greatest part of the city.

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      1. I am learning alone Spanish and since I have studied translation and speak good Italian it’s easy to learn it. Yes! Just add me on facebook, if you like and we can chat there. I liked your page a few minutes ago. It’s Angelina Lallina.

        1. Γειά σου Angelina! I have just sent you a friendship request on Facebook. I am really impressed, it seems we have followed the same path, and studied the same languages 🤩 I cannot wait to chat with you ☺️

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