Athens – Partenon


Visiting the Parthenon on a rainy day is quite an uncommon experience.


Visiting it after so many years I was longing to do it, it has been just a like a dream that comes true.


Visiting it alone, on my own, it has been one of the most emotional thing I have ever done. btr

I have felt so tiny, so small and so grateful for being here. btr

It is usually a feeling that I get from watching the stars but the Parthenon brought me back to an ancient era. btr

Just like a travel into space and time. btr

I couldn’t ask for more and it has been one of my favorite visit ever! btrhdr

I am also glad that I have not believed to all those people that in all these years kept on saying it was disappointing, poorly entertained and things like this… dav

I won’t never forget the emotion of being here and P can’t wait for the next time I will come back! btr

I have always felt a sort of fascination for Ancient Greece, much more than the Ancient Rome. dav

Though I am Roman this trip has just been like coming back home! dav

It’s a strange feeling that I really could not explain! digdigbtrbtrbtr

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  1. The pictures of the ancient era from your blog, made my family and me very excited and true history of all those places, the makers, the builders, the architects, who are they? Did we all belong there sometime? I don’t have any chance to visit those places. Anyhow you gave me a chance to see so many interesting places in your posts. Thank You.

    1. Thank you sooo much. You really made my day with your comment! It has been a tough one and sincerely I did not expect to bring so many reflections to anyone… And to reply to your question, yes… Somehow, I feel that we owe a lot to the Ancient Greek Culture.
      I am a fan also of the modern one but their story is so rich in every possible sense…

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