San Francisco – Skyscrapers (Part 1)

I have always be intrigued by skyscrapers.

I was born and raised in Rome that, of course, is so different from this festival of modernity.

Maybe it is true, we are attracted by the things we do not have.

Who has never wondered what it could have been?

The fatal question, the one we should never ask because, after all, it has been the only possible thing.

All the rest are mere conjectures.

But when you wander it is inevitable to wonder… or at least to dream the eyes wide open!

You got there any color and shape… skyscrapers won’t last like pyramids but, to me, they are fascinating almost at the same level!

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  1. Hello Flavia. Thanks for visiting my blog. I was just returning the favor but I’m glad I did it. You have a beautiful blog and I can’t wait to read more of you. I love your pics by the way.

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