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    1. Thank you. I think that especially here there is so much to see, monuments apart. Personally, I have had enough of old “clichés”. It is OK, of course, to visit the Colosseum and all the others but this city has a charm that cannot be reduced to the old famous stuff!

  1. It’s so true that this city has a special air, an unique flavour…<3 I also noticed the doors, generally. These ones here in the pictures are beautiful, great photos.

  2. Ooo, such lovely doors! I’m often in Rome (since I live in the south of Tuscany) but haven’t been to Monti yet. And I’ll find this Libreria too, it’s so cute!

    If you don’t know it yet, maybe you’d be interested in taking part in Thursday Doors, the challenge where door lovers around the world post door photos from different places. Norman Frampton collects the links each week. Here is his most recent post:


    1. No, I didn’t know but it’s good to know. Thank you😊by the way Rione Monti is very close to Termini railway station so should you come by train you could reach it by walking just a few minutes

      1. If by title you mean Flavia Vinci, I say don’t change it! It’s a great name! The blog is a reflection of your personal interests and perspective. Many art galleries are named after the owner, for that reason. 🙂

        1. I don’t know, I have never liked to show myself and it is the same thing for my name! Should I be a great artist I would understand it as, like you said, the world is full of artists who use their real name! You might have a vision I still don’t have🤔😊by the way I still don’t like any alternative name that people, friends ad acquaintances have proposed me so I won’t change it for the moment!

      2. When I started my blog, I planned to remain completely anonymous, so that visitors would focus on the photos, without their perception being affected by their idea of me. Now I express personal thoughts about some of the photos. I think our blogs are more interesting when we put ourselves in them in some way, rather than trying to hide. A name is one way to make a website a little more personal.

  3. This post is awesome. I have a big crush for doors, stairs and windows. I think their architecture tells a lot about a city. By the way, I do like your name too and I believe it suits your blog beautifully. Of course, you could find another blog name that would be nice as well but this one works.

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