Rome – Altar of the Fatherland

I am not a fan of classical monuments but I will have to admit that the complex of Vittoriano in Rome is really something.

I love the statues and find them particularly dramatic.

Especially the one here below.

It is hypnotical and I could spend hours staring at it!

These shots were taken during a cloudy morning, maybe not the best light in general but to me it was the best for such a lugubre place, built in memory of people killed for their country and somehow their freedom.

The whole monument has been built in memory of Vittorio Emanuele II.

For this reason the whole complex is called Il Vittoriano as well.

To tell you the truth Romans call it The Typewriter too because its shape reminds exactly he old fashion typewriters.

But this is something you better perceive in television when they forecast images took from the helicopter.

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