Athens – Acropolis by night

No matter where you are, from any angle you see the Acropolis it is always a wonderful vision.

There is a huge gap, imho, between the Athens of the past and the one of today.

It seems Acropolis stays there as a warning, to remind people what they have been, all the great things they have accomplished…

I do really hope in a better future for Athens and the entire country.

I have cried when they declared the default of Greece.

At the time I was living and working in the French Alps and I still remember that day like if it was today!

I read the news on the web and tears poured down. I cannot express how much I love this country and how I feel it closeโค๏ธ

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  1. The financial state of the world does indeed cause us worry. But there is always another day and all things pass. I love your wonderful photos of the acropolis, especially at night, and hope one day I can see that irl…

    1. I hope you will visit soon. I have never seen an historical site like this and I come from Rome! It is a different style but this is to tell that I am pretty accustomed to antique ruins… but I have found Acropolis really impressive and well entertained.

  2. Unfortunately Greece seems to receive nothing but bad press these days, all about its economic and social woes. I too hope they can find their feet again and thrive. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos of Athens. It has ignited my wanderlust yet again! Mel

    1. Many thanks to you, Mel. I could say that people does not know how to vote, and we have the same problem in Italy… but what about all the people who did not vote lousy and corrupted politicians? The pay the dramatic consequences exactly like the one who chose them. I feel pain for this country, it is close to Italy in every possible sense! To make it short, let you transport you by your wonderlust… who knows, we’ll probably meet there!

      1. Yes, there is a saying in Australia that ‘you get the politicians you deserve’! Politicians in Australia have very little credibility at the moment too, but it is hard to attract good people to such a tough role.

  3. Mel, I have loved your country at a point I cannot describe… the lack of consciousness and social care is unfortunately extended world wide, always in my humble opinion but I like that everyone of us can make a difference. It is a complex topic that involves education, respect, culture, habits, mentality…the real changes always take a lot of time, but at least, we can start, we can give our example. Words don’t work without facts…and one day also politicians will learn it๐Ÿ˜ˆ

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