Athens – Doors

This post is far away from being nice, you won’t find fancy doors but reality speaks for itself…

I have been struck by the state of the city, even in the central districts.

Go figure why I did not expected anything like this.

Despite its state, the one here below is my favorite. It talks about of bunch of things and witnesses more than any other thing the struggle this city has been through and somehow is still living.

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  1. Oops! It should read “on your door.” I just made up the quote while I read your post, so you wouldn’t have heard about it. 😄 May I use one of your door pics and post it on my blog with my quote? I’ll link the pic back to you. No worries, if you’d rather not. Just let me know.

        1. I am glad that you have found a source of inspiration in my shots😊💪 looking forward a future collaboration: I shot, you quote🤣 kidding apart, I am in Prague now and I can only think to songs that remind me the summer! go figure!

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