Athens – Soft Approach

My first day in Athens have been the smoothest and softest I ever had when approaching a new city.

I use to go in a rush to see as much things as possible but this time I had a meeting with an ex colleague of mine.

Francesca knows very well the city and gives me some advices.

We stay nearby Acropolis, strolling around, chatting and, of course, eating!

It doesn’t even looks like a capital but one of those touristic village you can find here or in Italy.

I don’t feel the chaos, the rush, it feels like a buble and I enjoy it…

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  1. Such beautiful photos, and unusual photos, too. If you had not said which city this was, I wouldn’t have guessed Athens. But that’s a good thing, because it looks like you’re exploring really interesting areas of the city. 🙂

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