Rome – Pyramid of Cestius and Porta San Paolo

This is with no doubt one of my most favorite corners of Rome.

Nowhere else in the world you can see two approximated structures of such a different style.

This is a magical Alchimia that you can find only in Rome.

Porta San Paolo was a part of the Aurelia Walls but people called it “castelletto” (the small castle) because now that is separated from the rest of the walls it actually looks like one!

The Pyramid has been built exactly on the Egyptian style a dozen years B.C. as a tomb for Gaius Cestius.

They chose to incorporate it in the Aurelian Walls and just behind lays the Protestant Cemetery.

Nowadays this zone is not properly touristic, it is one of the biggest and elaborated crossover of the city but I dream of Pedestrian Zones everywhere in Rome!

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