Back to Sunny Naples

Unconventional breakfast : cappuccino and

Unconventional breakfast : cappuccino and “sfogliatella salsiccia e friarelli”!

I woke up early, caught the tube at the same time I use to go to work but I went to Naples!

Yes, I have been there lately…



And I don’t need a reason to visit this wonderful city, over and over again.

If sun, food, smiling people, art, wouldn’t be enough, this time I have added an appointment with 2 of my ex colleagues from Gargano.

We used to work in different departments but in the same Resort.

When you choose to work for a season in a hotel it can happen you share more than one working experience with the people you meet.

After so many years he is still an icon for Naples

After so many years he is still an icon for Naples

If you are lucky enough to meet sensitive, nice and spontaneous people it is inevitable that you become friends and your relationship extend even when the working season comes to an end.

Last time I came to Naples I met another ex colleague.

I definitely feel lucky and proud for having these people in my life.

Even if it is extremely complicated to meet every time we want, but thanks to technology we can keep in touch easily and catch up.

We made a nice tour of the center and for the first time I finally visited the district called Vomero.

The view on Naples

The view on Naples

I heard a lot about it but never had the time to visit, despite my frequent stops in Naples.

The view on Naples and Vesuvio

The view on Naples and Vesuvio

These panoramic views are shot from there.

The view on Naples

The view on Naples

It’s a place out of time.

It has been hard to come back but the strange thing is that I caught the tube back home at the same time I use to come back from work.

To make it short, a day that could seem just like the others but this time really looked as a present!

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  1. Mi piace la veduta di Napoli il porto è naturalmente il Vesuvio , mi piace la sirena mi veniva in mente Ulisse nel suo peregrinare il loro canto delizioso ma se avesse avuto una barca ha motore sarebbe tornato subito dalla sua sposa è già è poi tutte le sue avventure

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