Rome – Ostia Beach

These pictures are all old but I wanted to save them.

I have always had contrasting feelings for Ostia.

I won’t tell you which phase I am living now!

Maybe good and bad are always intertwined in this place!

I only know that the sea changes everything, here like anywhere else.

I don’t remember these specific moments but I do remember the surprise, the fascination, the state of mind…

I cannot conceive my life without the sea, not for long periods, it never lasts!

Ostia is known as “the sea of Rome” .

And for its proximity with the hopefully more known version, Ostia Antica (Ancient Ostia), where Romans have built their largest port.

I would never recommend it for bathing but it always offers amazing views.

“Never judge a book by its cover” that is valid on multi levels!

Port of Rome

Port of Rome

0 thoughts on “Rome – Ostia Beach

    1. Hi Brad, well, it is actually a small tourist port, not at all like the big Ones. It is pretty far away from the center but Ostia is a district of Rome and yes, when you are on the sea side it is really peaceful 😊

      1. Hi All, guys! I am glad you Vermonter met here! I have received 14 visits from the States today but I couldn’t say how many people. By the way, you are all more than welcome and, if it can help, I miss sunny beaches as well πŸ™‚

      2. Thank you, Flavia, that makes me feel a little better. πŸ˜€ I live about 200 km south of Brett Ann (near Bellows Falls), but Vermont is a small community, so I’m sure we have acquaintances in common. When you travel, do you ever meet people you know, or people from your home neighborhood, in faraway places? I love it when that happens!

        1. I have just googled the Bellow Falls and I’ll have to say it looks like a nice place. To reply to your question, I only have met once, by mere chance, 20 years ago, an acquaintance who used to live in my district. We were in London and it has beena real surprise… otherwise no, I have witnessed similar episodes lots of times but my friends don’t like to travel so most of the time if I want to meet them I have to go to their place! πŸ™

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