Rome – Head up in Rione Monti (Part 2)

Despite the Cyrillic characters we’re still in Rome 😜

I love this district, it is so peaceful strolling around here in the early morning.

You do not perceive the modernity of the time we are living in, the streets are tiny and the buildings are all narrowed.

And in some streets there is not even space for cars!

It is a chaotic but happy district and what is more peculiar is that it lays in the very middle of the metropolis!

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      1. Lately a lot of people keep on saying that to me! I don’t mind at all, don’t worry😊 and I hope you didn’t mind I called you “Tokens”, it was just a nick name to me! by the way nice to meet you, Brad. And before I forget, I really like the pictures on your blog😊

      2. It’s nice to meet you, too! And thank you for the kind words about my blog. It has one problem: no pictures from Italy! Also, none from Iberia or southeastern Europe. So, there’s much room for improvement. πŸ™‚

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