Muro Leccese – Pipa bar

I had not planned to make this post so unfortunately I did not take more photos.

This is what I had some nights ago in a bar called Pipa located in Muro Leccese (Salento), right at the entrance of the park of the Crucifix (parco del Crocifisso).

It has a nice ambiance, friendly and easy going, suitable for any kind of client from families to couple, friends, aged people and so on.

It offers a wide range of different products to eat and to drink.

They serve pizza, crêpes, burgers and lots more.

I chose a vegetarian dish and I have been very satisfied as everything was specially cooked and prepared that night. It also came with a plate of French fries.

A special mention goes to the service and their attention to the environment. They are located in the park and frankly it surprised me the care they have towards the surrounding space. Every thing is clean and tidy, even if it is not their specific competence as they do not own the park.

Bravi, keep on like this! 💪

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