Casamicciola, Ischia

I have so many good souvenirs in Ischia.

I used to go there when I was a teenager, it has been love at first sight and it is a love story that still lasts.

Despite of the fact I do not have the time to go back there as often as I would like, Ischia has conquered a part of my heart!

This year I have picked up some days during the very high season (mid August). I had never seen it so crowded before but I would love to see Ischia in all the season so it is not a complaint!

Hotel managers instead did it a lot and sweared it has been a very poor season, except for that week.

I do not know what to say, it seems we are never happy in the Hotel Industry, we could always do better but this time I have no elements to judge so I will trust my colleagues.

It seems that the Island is still suffering for the 2017 earthquake that destroyed an entire district, Casamicciola.

It has been a dramatic event but the island is reacting in a positive way and some of the commercial activities that have been impacted are going back to life.

The rest of the Island had no damages, by the way I would like to remember that we are talking about a volcanic island in a very seismic country. For centuries people lived here or spent here their holidays.

IMHO There is no point in avoiding certain places just because of fear of what could happen so I will keep on going back to this heavenly island as often as I can.

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  1. Sì, Flavia, è dura dopo il terremoto. Si è diffusa un po’ di paura tra i turisti. Ma la situazione è tranquilla. Solo una cosa volevo dirti: il terremoto ha creato danni nella parte alta di Casamicciola, nella parte bassa, quella litoranea, i problemi sono stati minimi.
    Comunque sto scrivendo il pezzo sul nostro caffè.

    1. si, non sono entrata nel merito perché in realtà la gente vede nero quando si tratta di terremoto. Per me è importante che passi il messaggio che il boicottaggio di una zona aggiunge danno al danno purtroppo. Pure io sto scrivendo ancora il post su Ponte, non so se me la caverò con uno solo!

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