This small town will charm you from every point of view.

It is a continue source of amazing landscapes.

It is not that big but I would recommend at least a couple od days, even 3 and you will not get rid of it strolling around, nearby the castle or by the sea.


The entrance of the Castle

The entrance of the Castle

This city is sadly known as well for a tragic historical fact which involved more than 800 martyrs. At the time the Ottoman Empire wanted to expand and the Turks killed all the locals who refused to convert to Islam.

It happened on 1480 and those lives are still celebrated every 13th of August.

Today Otranto is an important seaside destination on the Adriatic Coast.


In case you will have the opportunity to visit it I would just recommend to take your time. This is not a place for the rush.

The water is very clean, even in the port.

Personally I prefer the rocks nearby the white lighthouse as it is quite and wild.


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