Torre Specchia

Once upon a time I dreamt of a peaceful holiday but I am far from getting it.

I won’t bore you with the details, I will only take into account the massive number of people still crowding this part of the world!

I was so happy when I heard on the news that the majority of tourists was supposed to leave today!

I drove to the nearest Torre Specchia with the hope of avoiding the crowds.

Torre Specchia

Torre Specchia

The Tower has been built in 1568 to check the coast and protect from Saracen Pirates.

As soon as I approach the tower I can see the first traces of humans!

What an awful idea to come during the high season!

I am finding noisy people in the most unthinkable corners… I take some shots of this wonderful sea

and drive back home studying Greek, that will be the most relaxing thing for today!

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