Sicily on the road, day 7 (Ragusa Ibla, Scicli and Punta Secca)

Still in Ragusa, we start from the district called Ragusa Ibla. The ancient part, nestled on the top of a hill.

It is not even 9 am but it is already warm. Most of the churches are closed so we decide to sit in a bar to have breakfast.

The place is lovely and there is one thing that catch my attention

I fell in love with these gardens, the ancient evening promenade for the noble families of the time.

It seems this place has been the set of a famous Italian TV serie, Montalbano, inspired by the novels of Andrea Camilleri.

I never watch TV but it makes part of the nowadays Italian culture so I have a rough idea of what we are talking about. Maria adds some detail and tells me about a certain “Montalbano tour”.

She says it is something well known and well organized. Once more I can’t believe my ears.

Some years ago I have tryed to watch an episode but I fell asleep after 5 minutes, it is terribly slow narrated. Though I love the main actor and Sicily overall but I could not stand it.

In the late morning we drive to Scicli.

It is always strange to come back in a place where you had such bad memories but it is always wise, to rebuilt new and good ones. That’s what happened with Scicli, walking on these streets, looking up and re-descovering again its architectonical beauties.

arancino alla norma + granita gelso e limone

arancino alla norma + granita gelso e limone

The shock for the Montalbano tout is still great but surprises are not over.

It seems this lovely city is also one of the mandatory stops of the Montalbano tour.

My friend enters the town hill because it seems they have played some scenes in here as well. You have to pay € 6 per person.

I couldn’t care less so I take a tour on my own while waiting for her to exit and I find this bench that strikes me for her message. It says “Love doesn’t kill”.

Unfortunately in Italy we are forced to remind it. The uncountable number of episodes of violent murders of this country reminds us every day we can never low the attention from this dramatic cultural and social issue.

It is afternoon, Maria joins me and tells me she has been the first Italian of the day to visit that place! Surprises never end 😳

Late afternoon, we make a quick stop at Punta Secca on the sea.

Believe it of not there are entire crowded busses of tourists coming here from all over the world only to take pictures of this house!

No, it is not an important or historical building. It is only the Montalbano nightmare that goes on and on! This time I cannot believe my eyes! Buses crowded of tourists actually from every corner of the globe that are standing in line or pushing them selves to take pictures of this anonymous house! 😳

Not far away from this scandal there is an excellent “gelateria”.

We take a sit and savor the best granita ever 😋 while sunset joins us

6 thoughts on “Sicily on the road, day 7 (Ragusa Ibla, Scicli and Punta Secca)

    1. yes, it was crazy! And just to be clear, I do not have anything against Montalbano, my problem is that all this people skipped cities like Palermo to visit an ordinary place like Punta Secca, for example. Then I understand it is a matter of tastes and priorities but it always strikes me the power that TV has on certain people 🤔

  1. Oooooo, I spotted many things to love, but – you know what I’ll say – especially doors!!! If there are such nice doors in the Montalbano series, maybe I need to start watching it! 😀

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