Sicily on the road, day 6 (Ispica, Modica and Ragusa)

Ispica has been an unexpected surprise of beauty.

Palazzo Bruno di Belmonte

For a moment I felt to own the place😂

Then went to drink something to clear up my mind!

We slowly drove to Modica

and with great surprise we find this sign to remind the fight against the MUOS, a plague for the whole Sicilian community.

It was my first time this city and I have found it full of poetry. I ignore if one could say so about a city but judge it by your self.

See this tiny baroc gem…

No words can express what I felt at this sight

Our visit could not end with a culinary break: my first scaccia


5 thoughts on “Sicily on the road, day 6 (Ispica, Modica and Ragusa)

  1. So many beautiful sights and photos and things, oh and that elephant! <3 But my very favourite photo is of the four statues that are turned with the backs towards your camera. Just glorious.

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