Sicily on the road, day 5, (Marzamemi, Portopalo di Capo Passero and Pachino)

Finally the sea!

Marzamemi is a small village located right in front of the sea, in the very South of Sicily.

I fell in love with it 10 years ago and now I have found it very different, it changed a lot, it looks like Greece to me but somehow it keeps part of its charm and medieval part. I am sorry to say that tourism often becomes a plague for certain places. The responsabilities relies on the cities/villages administrators who needs to regulate the floods of people but it is such a complex matter that I won’t treat it in this post.

In the afternoon we visit Portopalo di Capo Passero, at the very South of Sicily, a tiny and wild village on the sea with so many beautiful landscapes to offer.

Fish for dinner once again. I am enjoying so much the flavors of the South!

Tuna with sesame

Tuna with sesame

The dessert has been offered by the house, what a nice touch!

We has a bed and breakfast in Pachino, a quite an anonymous village for Sicily, despite its precious and valuable production of the small tomatoes who bring the name of the village. However I will have to mention the hospitality of people down here

We also a had a room named “South”… and yes, for those who are asking I am considering to fusion my former blog (Sud per tutta la vita) to this one.

Stay tuned!

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