Sicily on the road, day 3 (Palazzolo Acreide and Siracusa)

Our first impact has been with this empty place, so charming in my humble opinion!

We decided to start with a salted breakfast in Palazzolo Acreide, a not very known UNESCO site.

And here below some of its beauties.

For details lovers…

… and a very peculiar one from the inside

I fell in love with this church, so baroque, tiny and still well maintained.

We continued exploring the center and found these amazing spots

Then decided to leave the center to reach the ancient part of the village, up on. the hill, in the countryside

I am fond of Greek theaters and this small one was like a present to me! I wonder how it was to watch a show up here, the atmosphere and once more I promise myself that one day I will finally see a Greek tragedy, played in one of these spectacular places.

Then we left my daydreams to discover Siracusa. I have been there several times but always in a rush so this will be the opportunity to visit it better. We started from Ortigia, the ancient district and also an island, connected to the rest of the city by two bridges.

piazza Archimede

piazza Archimede

For those who still don’t believe I bring rain wherever I go, we rushed up to reach the archeological area as the weather was changing

For dinner I tryed a new dish

caponata di tonno

caponata di tonno

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