Sicily on the road, day 1 (Enna)

… there we go! after a quick stop in Palermo to greet one of my best friends we headed off to Enna, in the very middle of Sicily.

The first thing that stroke us has been the view we had in Calascibetta, once arrived.

We have visited the castello di Lombardia

Surprised by a pouring rain, not properly a summer one!

I am afraid I am supposed to be accustomed to this inexplicable phenomena but I never will. When I travel to the a South I bring rain, cold an sometimes snow! When I travel to the North (ideally considering from Rome) I bring the sun and hot temperatures!

One could say it is a hasard… but it happened so many times that nowadays it is a matter of fact!

It lasted more than half an hour and as soon as it stopped we kept on our visit to the city, its beauties and “delicatessen”

Enna is not the most beautiful city of Sicily but it definitely surprised and fascinated us with its history, food and remarkable landscape.

Like when we were looking for the most scenic spot for sunset and this wonderful valley offered this to us

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