Roscio is sleeping (Part 6)

This world needs as much cuteness and sweetness as possible.Here is the contribution of Roscio to this very important cause!And as usual, thank you, Manuels, for bringing me serenity with his shots ❤️

0 thoughts on “Roscio is sleeping (Part 6)

  1. Awwwwww!!!
    There is something about the cats when they sleep, their way of being and the sensation they offer.
    I like to think about the cats as beautiful creatures that enrich our lives.

    Have a happy sunday/ caturday 😅🤗

          1. It is actually a he, but eventually got fixed. Now I think of him as a cat, so it could be interpreted as a she :-)).
            Of course I am, trying the best at least.
            Thank you!

          1. Oh, poor Flavia. You must have a lot of courage and determination for that.
            I hope you will be ok and everything will work just fine for you and your family.

            Take care! 🤗😘

          2. Yes, I understand.
            You know that it is recommended to leave our comfort zone in order to evolve and get better.
            I believe in you, dear Flavia, and good things are about to happen in the future.
            Take care!

          3. I have just arrived in Rome, no sleep at all in 13 hours bof flights and all the Argentinians full of energy that spoke out loud on the plain… Aaarrrgghhhh😠I would love to see them all tonight! 😈😈😈I will try to get back some sleep and hopefully the future will look brighter, as you describe it😉💪💪💪lots of kisses

          4. Oh, dear Flavia. I understand you!
            My Monday is a little bit boring :-)) , I just woke up, performed some house chores and I will be at work for 12 hours today.
            If everything will work just fine I should finish at 1 AM in the morning.
            So, fingers crossed! 😀
            Kisses and hugs!

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